Your Story Matters

By courageously sharing your cancer/chronic disease journey, you can inspire hope and comfort to others facing darkness. Join our compassionate community.

Uplift voices so no one walks alone. Add your experience so more people can say “Your story helped me hold on.”

We believe sharing personal stories of overcoming illness can uplift others facing challenges. If cancer or chronic disease has touched your life, consider telling your journey of courage and resilience. Submit a meaningful photo and description of a loved one’s fight or your own – know that your vulnerability and honesty can empower someone feeling alone or hopeless.

Help us build a compassionate community by spreading light during the darkest nights. Your authenticity and spirit will remind others sunrises still come, no matter how long the night.

We’ll share submissions, with your permission, via our platforms. Together, uplifted voices ensure no one traverses their path without support.

If you would like to share your story and participate in the video podcast please email [email protected]


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The more money we raise, the more people we support. Join us on our mission to reduce the number of people dying from cancer and other chronic diseases.


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