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Cancer diagnosis is one the most stressful experience in cancer patient’s life. Being in a support group helps survivours, patients cope with emotional trauma caused by the disease. ​

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Kickstart your weekends with a revitalizing 45-minute yoga session led by Dr. Laurel Stuart.

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We love it when prospective partners recognize our hard work and passion and are moved to join us on our mission to support members of our community battling cancer and other chronic diseases. All ideas are welcome and appreciated. Let us work together to bring yours to life.


Bayo and Yinka Oladele:
Embracing Triumph Over Cancer

BAYO OLADELE, JP - Cancer Survivour

“Only The Affected Knows The Impact.”

Adebayo (Bayo) Oladele – Second Chance: Surviving the Battles of Cancer.”

In the courageous journey of triumph over cancer, Adebayo (Bayo) Oladele shares his poignant story of battling the disease and emerging victorious. Co-authoring the book “Second Chance: Surviving the Battles of Cancer” with his wife, Yinka Oladele, Bayo delves into the challenges faced during the relentless fight against cancer, dismantling myths and showcasing the profound impact of caregiving.

“Only the affected knows the impact,” Bayo emphasizes, recognizing the unique perspective that patients and caregivers share. The Oladeles open a window into the emotional depths of a cancer patient’s experience, transcending barriers of sex, faith, color, and culture.

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