African Cancer Support Group

The Oladele Foundation through the African Cancer Support Group (ACSG) focuses on supporting anyone within the African Canadians, Caribbean Canadians and Black Canadians generally called the Black Community, that is going through cancer and other chronic diseases.


Our goal is to reduce the number of the members of the Black community dying of cancer through,

  • Supporting those currently going through their cancer journey
  • Cancer education and awareness campaigns within the black community

De-stigmatization of cancer within the Black Community


Our mission is to support survivors, patients, and caregivers, and to share stories, symptoms, information, and coping strategies. To provide education and awareness campaign towards destigmatizing cancer within the Black Community. Support, Awareness, Collaboration, Education, Fund Raising. 


To become the group of choice where African/Caribbeans/Black Canadians going through major health challenges like cancer will receive mental, emotional, financial, educational, social support, and enablement towards their healing. 

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Cancer diagnosis is one the most stressful experience in cancer patient’s life.  Being in a support group helps survivors, patients cope with emotional trauma caused by the disease. While some people experience shock, anger, and disbelief, others may feel intense sadness, fear, and a sense of loss. Even the most supportive family members and friends cannot understand exactly how it feels to have cancer, this can sometimes lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Core Values

  • Respect
  • Confidentiality
  • Empathy
  • Compassion


Who can attend?

ACSG is also designed for specific audiences, including:

  • Members of the Black community battling cancer
  • Cancer survivors, patients
  • Caregivers, family members, and friends
  • Members of the Black community battling chronic diseases
  • Anyone interested in learning about cancer and other chronic diseases



Our aim is to support survivors, patients, and caregivers, and to share stories, symptoms, information, and coping strategies. Participants give and receive support and discover strength, hope, and comfort among those who have also experienced some of what they are going through.

The African Cancer Support Group is a safe space to share information, coping skills, and most importantly, a place to give and get emotional support. Survivors and members on remission give words of hope and encouragement to fighters, share knowledge of ways to cope, and the ability to share without fear.

Members can access emotional and practical support from others with a similar lived experience.

By speaking with peers, members will be empowered to seek information and support they need and will feel less alone and isolated.

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